The K.N.Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) initially established in 1928 as the college of Telecommunications, currently enjoys 350 full-time faculty members and 7000 students (3500 at Bachelor level and 3500 postgraduate students).

  • Ranked amongst 601-800 in the “THE” World University Rankings.

  • Boasts one of the highest faculty to students ratios in Iran.

  • Attracts some of the country’s most talented students.

  • Renowned for its excellent track record of research output and industrial connections.

KNTU has launched a new journey based on Re-Designing Higher Education. The journey ahead will require that we learn from the past, in order to evolve today and create new opportunities tomorrow. Establishing Multidisciplinary International Complex could be a potent salvation to pursue this goal by making changes in approaches and harvesting different results.

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Global Composition of MIC Steering Committees

Global Composition of MIC Steering Committee Members Placeholder
Global Composition of MIC Steering Committee Members
Research & Development

Research & Development

Aims to create new technology, information and methods to improve our systems, services and products. You can find and follow our last researches here.

Latest Research



MIC is a project based complex, having some on-going projects in Desalination and Water-Energy-Food Nexus fields. You can find brief information about our projects and products here.

Latest Projects



Our main aim is to publish our latest discoveries in our researches and projects to have contribute on knowledge enhancement. Our latest publications are available here.

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Regardless of the industry you have, collaboration will save your money, grow your network, enhance your knowledge, flourish your business and significantly inspire you.

Our Approach

Collaboration is Everything! Submit your proposal right now.

“The journey ahead will require that we learn from the past, in order to evolve today and create new opportunities tomorrow.”

Farhad Yazdandoost, President

Trusted Sponsors & Partners

As MIC is Collaborating in several multidisciplinary projects, we are honored to work with a wealth of potent trusted partners. We are proud to announce taking advantage of highly privileged partners in a very close and productive cooperation.

Contact Info

470 Mirdamad Ave. West, Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+9821) 88201430-35 (EXT. 330)

Web: http://mic.kntu.ac.ir/

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